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Cell Phone Mount?

Vine Grove, KY, USA
What I Drive
2019 Hyundai Veloster N
So, I am trying to find a good way to solidly mount my phone in my new Veloster N. In the past, with my Jeep Patriot, I actually attached a Ram Mount into the dash, so the phone wouldn't move when bumped/jostled, etc. I was thinking of installing a mount to the right of the shifter on the "fin-like" protuberance that comes out from the climate control area. My two concerns are 1) is there any wiring in that part of the dash that I might be drilling a hole through (for the bolts to hold the mount) and 2) is there any kind of metal support beneath the plastic or is it just plastic. I don't mind drilling the 2 to 4 holes ONCE if I get the mount exactly as I want it...but I don't want any mess ups or negative ramifications. Anyone have input and/or has anyone done a good cell phone mount installation I should cons